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Hand sanitizer manufacturing plant, Hand sanitizer making machine, Mixer, Mixing Equipment Manufacturers & Exporters

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Plant, Hand Sanitizer Making Machine, Mixer, Mixing Equipment

Our Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Mixer & liquid filling machines are designed to meet the changing needs of the Hand Sanitizer industry. We manufacture the ideal machinery to handle your Hand Sanitizer hand sanitizer making machine & filling needs and meet your production goals.

Hand Sanitizer Making Machine

The hand sanitizer  production line is generally composed of the hand sanitizer pot ( Mixer ) , Mixing preparation pot, Transfer pump , Working platform, Operating control Panels and relevant filters, pipes and valves. The hand sanitizer Manufacturing Plant with Main pot Mixer and hand sanitizer  production line are manufactured and installed by our company strictly accordance with the High standards.

Hand Sanitizer Liquid Mixing Machine

The hand sanitizers  pot is the main devices in tech hand sanitizers  production lines. It is composed of the inner containers, steams and cooling water , outer insulation layers, upper sapped-adjustable mixing devices, temperature measuring devices, and material feeding and discharging devices. The inner container and aquifer are made of stainless steel.

SHREE BHAGWATI  ACUUM PROCESSING UNITS FOR THE PERSONAL CARE, COSMETICS, PHARMACEUTICALS, CHEMICALS AND FOODS INDUSTRY , cosmetics processing, cross contamination is a big deal. We manufacture quality cosmetic mixers, agitators and tanks that will work every time without you having to worry about cross contamination. If you need a fully sealed sanitary mixer or tank, we offer seals and polishes from grounded welds to mirror finishes.

Technical Parameters Of Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Plant &  Mixer  Equipment









Inner container diamentions(Diamter*height)(mm) – Approx




Jacket thickness(mm) – Approx




Jacket pressure – Approx




Pressure in the pot(MPa) – Approx




Insulation layer thickness(mm) – Approx




Power suppkly

50Hz / 60 Hz

50Hz / 60 Hz

50Hz / 60 Hz

Speed-adjusting motor power(kw)





10-400 – Variable

10-400 – Variable

10-400 – Variable

HAND SANITIZER Bottle filling line including Bottle filler , capper , induction sealer, two side + round bottle labelers and carton packing line.

“hand sanitizer works great and is very effective at killing bacteria, fungi and viruses.”

Hand sanitizer, also called hand antiseptic, hand rub, or hand rub, Hand Sanitizers Antiseptic Hand Gel is particularly popular for quick, easy sanitizing.

Types of Sanitizers:

Shree Bhagwati Make almost cosmetic item manufacturing plant equipments and filling line you may have in mind.

Hand Sanitizer &  Hand Rub making machine , Disinfectant Manufacturing plant

Hand Sanitizer & Disinfectant,  hand sanitizers , hand washing gels,  hand sanitizer gel,  hand rub ,  hand sanitiser,  hand sanitizer bottle packaging machines, sterillium hand sanitizer, instant hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer bulk packing line.

stainless steel agitator vessels for the chemicals, pharmaceutical, plastics, dye, paint, food,

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Shree Bhagwati is Installation of Large Quantities Hand Sanitizer &  Hand Rub making machine and Manufacturing plant , Hand Wash making machine and Manufacturing plant , Liquid Soap making machine and Manufacturing plant , Dish Wash making machine and Manufacturing plant , Disinfection making machine and Manufacturing plant , Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer making machine and Manufacturing plant, Household making machine and Manufacturing plant, Personal Care making machine and Manufacturing plant, Hair Care making machine and Manufacturing plant , Filling Line, Lotion making machine and Manufacturing plant  & Filling Line, Shampoo making machine and Manufacturing plant Line for Detergent, shampoo, dishwasher, liquid soap, bleach, Clorox etc more…


Plant Capacity   :    50 Liter to 20000 Liter per batch  or more as per customer requirement

Hand Wash Manufacturing Line - How to Choose Right Hand Wash ...


Hand Sanitizers is a manufacturer and supplier of personal and household care products like hand sanitizer , hand Rub Sanitizer , hand Wash , Liquid Shop  and floor cleansers -product lines include antiseptics rubbing liquids, dishwashing liquids, floor cleaners, toilet cleaner, and glass cleaner.

Sanitizer and hand Wash Liquid Making & Mixing plant for best suitable for manufacturing hand sanitizing gels, mouthwash Liquid , nasal spray Liquid , first-aid sprays, and other healthcare,  hygienics products, wide range of cosmetics and skin-care product such as facial moisturizer, eye cream, eyelash adhesive, makeup remover, herbal toothpastes, coriander essential oils and other floral oil etc many more

Hand Sanitizer  & Disinfectant Customers can order the products in customized volumes of 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, 100ml, 150ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 5 liters.

Nowadays, in order to attracting customers with different tasted and demand, hand sanitizers products are supplied in different scenting such as lavenders, lemons, oranges, or cinnamons ,

Shree Bhagwati  group is offering wide range Manufacturing plant , Mixer, Bottle filling line for Hand Sanitizer and Hand Wash products …

Now market demanding also Sanitizers of different volumes in the market to meets the need of different customer. Commonly seen one include 5 ml, 10 ml, 30 ml, and 50 ml hand sanitizers are suitable for outdoor, household and industrial use.

Liquid Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers

Alcoholics hand sanitizer generally contain alcohols or isopropanols as the active ingredient that killed germs and bacteria. The contents of alcohols in the hand sanitizing products usually ranges between 60% and 95%, which is considering by FDA to be effectively killing germ and bacteria, including corona viruses, MRSA, and Ecoli.

Alcohol based hand sanitizers are considering to be more potent and rapid in killing germ, virus and bacteria, compared to alcohols-free hand sanitizer. However, alcohol based hand sanitizer could be worrisome to some consumer for its risks of flammability intoxications, and damages to the users’ skins.

Gel Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers

Experiment have been done to exams the efficiency of liquid hand sanitizers and gel hand sanitizer. In general, liquid hand sanitizer fare better than gel hand sanitizers.

Scientists proved that liquid hand sanitizer in liquid form reacts more rapidly compared to gel hand sanitizers. On average, it took the liquid ones 15 seconds and the latter the double of the time to act.

In addition, liquid hand sanitizers leave less residual substance on hands and are generally more effective in terms of killing germs and bacteria, compared to gel hand sanitizers.

Foam Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

Some believe that foam hand sanitizers are more economical compared to liquid or gel ones, for the airy and incompact texture of the products. In addition, foam is more clinging to hands and will not easily drop, which could cause damage to the floor or the carpet. Therefore, we have witnessed the gaining popularity of foam hand sanitizers in recent years.

However, some argue that the incompact texture of the product might jeopardize its efficiency in killing bacteria and germs.

Spray Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

Similar to foam hand sanitizers, there are some arguments regarding the economic efficiency of spray hand sanitizers. Some argue that spray is wasteful compared to liquid and gel since the drops might miss your hands or be deflected into the air when spraying, some hold the opposite opinion saying that spray is more cost-effective, for the liquid is condensed by the nozzle and thus delivers fewer doses, although this might lead to the dilution of active ingredients.

No quantifiable experiment has been made to testify each of the arguments, we suggest the buyers choose the products based on their own judgment.

Antiseptics Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer        

Alcohol-free sanitizers often contain benzalkonium chloride, as its main ingredient in killing bacteria and viruses.

As mentioned in the previous sections, non-alcohol hand sanitizers are proven to work less efficiently in killing bacteria and germs, compared to its alcohol counterpart. On the other hand, such products are not as flammable and toxic to the human body compared to alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Global hand sanitizer market with Gel , Foam , Liquid Hand sanitizer, also called hand antiseptic, hand rub, or hand rub, Hand Sanitizers Antiseptic Hand Gel  - North America ,  U.S. , Europe , Germany, U.K. ,  Asia Pacific , India ,  Central & South America ,  Brazil , Middle East & Africa etc many ….


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