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Capsule filling line with Polishing Machine Preview

Capsule filling line with Polishing Machine
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The filling machine is fully automatic capsule filling and closing machine, appropriate for filling powder or pellets in hard gelatine capsules. It adopts irregular motion and multi-position tamping process to complete capsule direction, parting, filling, closing and expulsion etc. With various size parts of the machine is appropriate for the size 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 & 4 of empty capsules. The manufacture speed can be forced by means of a VFD changeable frequency drive. The machine is intended in agreement with GMP standard. All product contact parts are made of SS 316 & machine enclosed with SS 304. Benefit of the machine is complex design, study arrangement, particular dosing, and safe and dependable, high filling rate etc.


The machine is build in a mild steel angel welded & powder coated frame, the product contact parts are build with SS 316 grade & all casing build with SS 304 grade sheet , other machine parts like a cam, gears, shafts are bolted.
The intend and building of the machine encompass of all the cGMP aspect of pharmaceutical hygiene

CSE: Capsule Sorter Elevator is used to kind of the completely imperfect empty capsules & Elevate the correct capsule from CSE to Capsule hopper of Capsule filing machine to sustain the level of Empty capsule. Its mechanism on the principle of vibratory sorting and passing at upper side the capsules by airflow.

CPM: Capsule polishing machine consisting of a SS chambers installed with Nylon net, a rotating changeable speed spiral nylon brush, the capsules travel from one end to other end. Throughout this travel they are subjected to roll in among the nylon bristles. In this course the powder on the capsules and at the edge are detached and sucked by the Dust extractor. The Capsules coming out of the chute are methodically polished, shiny & clean.

DEX: Dust extractor used to collecting loose powder from capsule polishing chamber through dry vacuum

DCS: Damage Capsule Sorter mechanism on the standard of geometry of Capsule i.e. Ovality and gravitational load. After polishing, the filled capsules are fall into the rotating drum which is consisting with sorter plates, which separates the exact diametrical capsules. It’s specially to sort out diametrically defective filled capsules.

ECE: Empty Capsule Ejector works on the principle of airflow force. Filled capsules will fall straight towards the down level & Empty capsule will eject outside when airflow force is applied on the capsules, it’s specially to sort out empty capsules from filled capsules

Technical Specification :

Capsule size


Output of CT-25 25,000 capsules/hr with powder
Weight 135 Kgs – Elevator , Sorting
  300 Kgs – Polishing
  110 Kgs – Dust Extractor
Dimensions 900mm x 700mm x 2500mm – Elevator
  1500mm x 600mm x 1200mm – Polishing, sorting
  800mm x 600mm x 1500mm – Dust Extractor
Power supply 415 OR 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase
Power 2 Kw, 3 HP for Elevator, Polishing, Sorting & Dust extractor

Environment condition Ambient temperature

21℃ ± 3℃
Relative humidity 40%-60%

Capsule Polishing:

Capsule Conveying System is uses for the conveying capsules from capsule filling machine to capsule polishing machine.

Salient Features:

Technical Specification:

Output kg / hourMax. 30,00,00 pieces / hr
Electric PowerAC 220V /  50 Hz /  single Phase 
Overall Dimension approx. (cm) 120 L x 50 W x 120 H
Net Weight (approx)60 Kg


We polishing machine SBCP - 1 replica is worn after capsules are filled for maintenance the powder attach on the capsules exterior.

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